Wildlife In The Reserved Zone (8 Days / 7 Nights)

This is a new tour being offered exclusively by Atalaya and Lodge & Expeditions to offer a genuine rainforest experience on the Manu National Park. Probably this is one of the best adventures in Manu; the program allows staying in virgin places with more chances to have contact with the wildlife. This tour is able for all ages and price is very reasonable. Make your reservation now!!


As we leave the Inca capital, Cusco we begin a winding ascent into the Andes, passing by the ruins of Ninamarca, where we will see chullpas, pre-Inca burial towers from the Lupacas. The road eventual winds down to the town of Paucartambo. Leaving Paucartambo we begin our ascent through what is referred to as the Puna ecological zone, that we find the home of the vizcacha, a beautiful rabbit-like rodent. The Puna is also home to rarely seen predators such as the Andean fox and Puma. As we reach nearly 3,500 meters a wall of white cloud rises up in front of us, completely obscuring the rich jungle lurking beneath. At three crosses, the highest point in our journey, we gaze out into the cloud-covered slopes of the Eastern Andes.

We have just entered the Manu National Park, at only 5 hours from the polluted yet beautiful Cusco. With the breath taking view of the cloud forest we take a break from driving to have a picnic lunch. After lunch we descend into the Cloud forest where the tree canopy covered by mist gives life to a profusion of epiphytes, mosses, luscious green ferns and the Kur-Kur (High land bamboo). Whilst its accessibility appears at least for us daunting, it is a veritable playground for the vast number of birds. We make our way to an observation post where with a little luck we will be able to watch the fascinating dance of Peru´s National Bird the Cock-of-the-Rock and hopefully spy the Woolly Monkey. We arrive at Pilcopata at 7 p.m. After a delicious meal, we can enjoy the beautiful surroundings before turning in for the evening.


At daybreak, we make our way to the fluvial port of Atalaya, at the headwaters of the Alto Madre de Dios River. Accessibility to the lowland jungle from Atalaya must be made in improvised canoes with powerful outboard motors. From Atalaya we have a relaxed journey downstream to BocaManu. Arriving at BocaManu, it is time to take in the beautiful surrounding. At dusk we will take a short walk into the jungle in order to spot the more elusive nocturnal animals such as the Night Monkey. Returning to Lodge for dinner, we are lulled into a peaceful sleep by the jungle orchestra.


Once we have breakfast, we’ll get into our boat in order to go to the Manu Biosphere Reserved Zone. We’ll briefly stop at Limonal check post to show our authorizations. We’ll continue to navigate on the river and enjoy all that nature, always changing and capricious, will show us during our journey. We shall have lunch in the boat and in the afternoon we will arrive at Casa Matsiguenka. There we will be welcomed by Matsiguenka natives and be introduce to their guides which, in the next days, will show us the natural wealth of the area.


This day we shall navigate in a catamaran by Salvador Ox-bow lake looking for giant river otters (Pteronura Brasiliensis) and to go through the forest of the Casa Matsiguenka, trying to find the spider monkeys (Ateles Paniscus) and the noisy white lipped pecker (Tayassu Pecari). We shall sleep at Casa Matsiguenka.


Early in the morning we shall board our boat to go to Blanquillo, this place is known for its Macaw clay lick. Before that we’ll stop briefly at Limonal to register our exit from the Reserved Zone. At sunset we shall take a short walk until Blanquillo Ox-bow Lake, where we shall search for caimans.


Early on we shall go in the catamaran to park in front of the Macaw clay lick. From a hide away we will fully enjoy the arrival of hundreds of parrots and parakeets, as the Macaws descend to complete their diet. After this fantastic spectacle, we´ll continue our river voyage to Yanayaco, where we shall rest until next day.


Next morning, we shall head to the river port of Atalaya. On our trip we shall be astonished by the many birds which fly ahead and above us, or that rest on the tree branches. Before arriving at Atalaya we will briefly stop in Aguas Calientes, where we will relax in the hot springs. Once in Atalaya, we shall change to a private car and head for Pilcopata. From there we shall go to Santa Rosa de Huacari native community where we will be welcomed by Matsiguenka and Huachipairi natives. We´ll spend the night camping.


After breakfast we shall have our last walk in the jungle until we reach Pilcopata. We leave behind the Cloud Forest and ascend to the Puna region, to go on the last stretch of our trip, which will take us to Cusco, The Inca capital.